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Subscribe today to dive into the world of innovative music videos that break the mold. At MANA TV, we're not just showcasing music; we're telling stories, invoking emotions, and challenging the status quo. Serving as the modern counterpart to MTV, we are committed to highlighting unique talents in music and visual arts, creating an unparalleled viewing experience. Don't miss a beat—join us in reshaping how the world experiences music videos.

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Unlock a realm of exclusive content only available to our most dedicated fans. From behind-the-scenes footage to intimate artist interviews, we provide a backstage pass to the creative minds driving the MANA movement. This is your ticket to experience the artistry, the process, and the innovation that sets us apart. Don't settle for the mainstream; immerse yourself in the extraordinary.

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Step into a world of non-stop musical exploration with our 24/7 streaming service. Anytime, anywhere, tap into an ever-flowing stream of curated music videos, live performances, and artist showcases. Whether you're a night owl or an early riser, we've got the soundtrack to your life covered. No pauses, no limits—just an endless audio-visual feast at your fingertips. Welcome to the ultimate destination for round-the-clock entertainment.

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Unlock your potential as an artist with our specialized Artist Platform. Here, you're not just another name in the lineup—you're part of a vibrant community dedicated to musical innovation and artistic growth. Gain unprecedented exposure through our high-traffic streaming channels, benefit from promotional campaigns tailored to your unique style, and directly connect with fans who genuinely appreciate your art. Our Artist Platform is your launchpad for turning your musical aspirations into a rewarding reality.


Ready to share your art with the world? Send us your best work for a chance to be featured across our platforms. Our submission process is streamlined and transparent, designed with artists in mind. Whether you're an established musician or an emerging talent, your voice has a place here. By submitting your music videos or tracks, you're not just uploading content; you're joining a community committed to celebrating and amplifying unique voices. Take the first step in your MANA journey today!

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